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Our 24-piece reusable luxury press-on nail sets are completely hand painted and made with gel. Get the salon look but with convenience at the most affordable price! Indulge in the luxury of flawless nails with our meticulously crafted gel nails. Each set is lovingly handmade to perfection, ensuring the highest quality for your fingertips. These are READY-TO-SHIP within 3 business days.

Crafted with care, every set of press-on nails is designed to be easily tailored to your preferred fit. They can be effortlessly reapplied, allowing for multiple uses and endless style possibilities.

Your set comes complete with 24 nails, featuring sizes : 0987654321,1234567890, ensuring a perfect fit for any nail size. With a quick and easy application process that takes just minutes, you'll be flaunting your stunning nails in no time.

With this set you'll get:

Multiple uses with proper wear
Free Nail Tabs
Free Nail File
Free Cuticle Pusher
Extra Strength Nail Glue

All luxury glue-on nail sets are made with GEL nail polish and high-quality charms, bling, etc. These press-on nails are reusable.

This is a 24-piece set, therefore no measurements are required.
We value each and every press-on nail client. Refunds/Exchanges are NOT accepted due to sanitation.

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